The fairy godmother changes the girl’s life

A girl with a braid of horsetail appeared a young woman’s beautiful cheap evening dresses and shiny high heels, a small room in a few hours after the Artemisia was trained.

Project Cheryl Scheepers, founder of self-made, 65, is the fairy godmother’s character, so that girls can’t participate in their 7 stage and the body’s dance farewell, from her home to see the red carpet preparation.

“My daughter Cheryldene took part in her matrix dancing in the West Bank. I heard that there are girls who do not dance because they are poor.” he is a big tailor Scheepers.

Two years after she retired, Scheepers and her daughter began her small and magical sewing room in a charitable shop, a second-hand dress, a jewel shop, a bag and a shoe stock.

“I bought clothes and dolls in their charity shops, and then we asked for donations in our project, which has made a great response to the Facebook web page from scratch.

Her sewing room has 1000 shiny robes, a huge crate filled with 300 pair of cheap evening dresses shoes for girls to choose. “We also make their make-up and give them a sample of perfume, candy and lipstick with a handbag.”

Only one year this year the project has transformed 50 matrix girls’ charming dance empress and Scheepers are helping girls in Grade 7 take their mobile phone for their parting.

“One minute they were a monotonous girl, and then they became princesses,” Scheepers said, who is now a boy and a wedding that extends her face to face.

She even set up a series of tables to beautify the wedding reception because her fairy godmother’s responsibility grew.

When the daily scheduling visit project started from scratch, there was an exciting atmosphere in the small room from the Grens primary school four girls with light makeup and nail painting in the dance.

Angelique Abrahams, a marketing assistant of NPO, 23, got married last year when she accepted the help of the project. She painted the Eyeshadow with nail polish, and made sure that every girl wore her carefully chosen cheap evening dresses. Girls have put their hair in free hairdressers.

“Cheryl put on my wedding dress for my wedding and even helped me,” she said. “Now I’m working for her full-time.”

Shakira Lee Binneman, 14, said she chose a long black robe, silver metal bead, her farewell dance in Grade 7, because black is the favorite color of her late grandmother. “It’s too expensive. Our aunt Cheryl and Angelique help me, and this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I thank you very much. ”

Jenene Cloete, 13, said her hair a nahoon barber is a bright spot.

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