Rags to rent Wealth: how I ended up in the Heisman party

New York – I’m in fairy tales – big believers, coming with their occasional magic.

The fairy godmother of the princess, the happy ending of changing.


Womens Sexy Dresses

2:30 Sunday afternoon, when the assistant sports director Mike Houck Europe handed me and several other tickets for the Heisman party happened that night, I know I need some magic princess Disney put it off.

As a result, all I need is the help of my friends.

The Spring Festival gala event, once a year, former Heisman winner to welcome new and exclusive fraternity, is the first black tie, it starts with a 5:30 afternoon cocktail. Dinner will go on at 7 p.m.

Wearing a large Merino wool shirt and a pair of boots ran in tights, I was the best.

The choice in my suitcase is not very good. Because the party usually doesn’t open to the media, I don’t want to put my dress and high heels into my luggage. I only have a wrinkled J cheap evening dresses, a silk waistcoat and a sports jacket.

Business leisure is completely acceptable. But a black tie ball?

Not so much.

It’s a bad situation. In less than 4.5 hours, I need a tuxedo, shoes, jewels and cosmetics. Oh, I need to write 1000 words about Baker Mayfield Oklahoma Monday won the heisman.

I need a fairy godmother or two and fast.

Two of my friends graduated from college, Megan Harley and Hollie Morgan, living in New York. When I told them I have to cancel our plans for the evening because I landed a Heisman party, they take action.

Hollie volunteered to do my hair and make-up, where Megan studied, found in a very short time, and wouldn’t break the bank’s clothes.

By the time they had a plan, I had finished my work, after 4 p.m.

If you know me, then you know I’m always late – and that means I’m born to meet the challenge.

This will be my Heisman moment.

Sexy Evening Gowns

So, before the 2.5 hour party, I sat on a train from Times Square to the Union Square in the center of the city.

I have a plan on a runway in the cheap evening dresses rent charged, a cheap pair of DSW high heels, and then hop on the subway, make my way through the crowd of times square Marriott marquis.

The first phase of the plan went well, thanks to the night of my next fairy godmother, Yasima.

She turned me into a dressing room and brought me two bottles of water and a few minutes of pulling the five potential rented dresses, and I arrived.

Second, bright purple red Mermaid cheap evening dresses, suitable for gloves.

After that, Yasmina picked out a matching cuff, blingy earrings and threw them on a pair of Spanx (to say, really, help a girl, thank you). I went out and ran to DSW.

This is where things start to get hairy.

In Manhattan, not every woman has tiny feet to create a small size demand, or most women in big apple are strong on a solid foundation, like you, and have purchased for over nine and a half years.

Whatever the reason, after washing the shop, I found two pairs of 11 high heels. Luckily, a suitable one is enough to buy – they are selling.

At first glance, the checkout line is scary. At least 15 people waiting for just 1.5 hours before the dinner started, I thought I would have a Heisman hopeful.

But these people were trained to be efficient, and I left in 15 minutes.

After returning to the Marriott crazily, I included more people walking from the times square road through the Broadway fan to the long lines of lion Wang Hehan and Milton. I met Hollie.

She is a gorgeous lineup of a girl of mine and the fairy godmother of MVP.

It took from four baby wipes perfume makeup tray and three mascara, Hollie prepared me worth $600 from the tired and tense sports reporter people Heisman party ticket.

We took over the seventh – storey female bathroom, on the first floor of the party. Hollie in her magic, a member of the Syracuse band and an in, but after 45 minutes, I have more makeup my face than I had in my life to wear.

I wasn’t ready yet, but I saw it well at the dim light dinner.

Only 10 minutes of free time, Hollie and all my things were packed up, and I walked down to the downstairs caps to store all my things.

I crossed Broadway ballroom door, I looked at cheap evening dresses the same room heissman just 24 hours before the announcement, had found my seat in the afternoon, the Syracuse Orchestra easily.

I was far away from the princess, but somehow I succeeded.

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