Myleene Klass dare to bare assets in red ensemble

Before I was a celebrity bitch recently let the fans a series of hot bikinis and sexy evening dresses photos from her holiday in the sun.

Although crass had returned to the cold climate of England, a little bit of meat, she was bold.

Make sure all her eyes were watching her, she attended the magical winter celebration of saving the children, wearing a striking ensemble in the London guild hall last night.

There is no doubt, eager to show off his muscular physique, 39 year old poured her assets Strapless red sexy evening dresses.

In choosing to go to braless, the mother of two abundant assets in the intimate integration shows that it clings to her upper body like second skin.

The television screen flashing on the impressive cleavage, she looked at her role in front of the camera.

Sports is the golden beach, stars in her beautiful legs in high slit design.

To make her shine, crass left her seemingly simple, understated gold jewelry and naked high-heeled shoes.

To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of JK Rowling’s Harry Porter and the Sorcerer’s stone, there was a magical theme that night.

Actress Helena Berhan Carter was happy to participate, though crass ignored the make-up.

He was 51 years old in Harry Potter’s film – Bellatrix Lestrange, dressed in all black evening dresses, finished a magic wand.

Add an interesting picture, Klass and Carter look opposite, they take a pleasant picture, next to the other.

The panel and the construction of traps in the days before the interview celebrities crass.

When she was shot into the spotlight, she won the 2000 hear’say idol group, and the star was unemployed and broke up for two years.

The musician said, “I watched television from my couch and saw unemployed friends. It was a very dark time.”

“I know why fame drives people crazy. It’s like a drug, like a child – no one says no, whatever you want, you can have it. You never have to do anything by yourself.”

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