Kate Middleton and Khan Megan Markel are in the same lace cheap evening dresses in their wardrobe

The pregnant Kate Middleton turned over the long cheap evening dresses of the Diane von Furstenberg Kensington Palace on Tuesday night, but it wasn’t the first time she had been wearing lace. It looks like she’s gone for the first three months!

In April, the Royal mother wore this evening dresses when she was pregnant with her third Princess Charlotte children. A month later, she was wearing a black cheap evening dresses at the wedding of a friend in london.

Salida lace dress features three quarter long lace sleeves, deep V collar back and scalloped lace hem. The lace skirt is made of rayon and nylon, which provides the “stretch” feature that is perfect for pregnant women!

This dress is sold out now, but you can buy similar designs here!

Kate is not the only person who falls in love with robes. Khan Megan Ma Kerr chose a shorter version of the navy suit when she hit the red carpet in February 2012. Markle, he has been with Kate’s brother-in-law, Prince Harry, in the past year, for sexy style and naked high-heeled shoes.

Like Kate, there are already a lot of fashion blogs that have been closely tracking her home, and many of her recent Harry Prince Invictus games have been sold out.

Judging by their favorite lace evening dresses (not to mention the Royal Prince!) We envision a lot of shopping in the future.

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