Julie de Libran Sonia Rykiel hosted an intimate dinner with cheap evening dresses in Losangeles

Malmond Manor Hotel candlelight cottage, full of warm, eat in the guest in Losangeles last night, Sonia Rykiel’s latest cheap evening dresses collection of celebration. The artistic director of the French luxury brand, Julie de Libran, presided over the opening ceremony and intimate dinners in a cozy fireplace.

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De Libran is a friend of Rykiel, including Kirsten Dunst, Sophia Coppola, Anna Bbe Lawal Lisi, Lisa Love, Langley Fox and Elizabeth Stewart join, who touched the cup, to catch up with the one in Dover’s exclusive and truffle fries. The hotel guests gathered hidden in a cottage Sun family dinner, hidden in the Hollywood hills.

That night, Sonia Rykiel for the 2018 annual grand prix exclusive to create the new works. Paris style mix of California’s free spirit inspired De Libran’s inspiration for this collection attitude.

The art director explained: “I grew up in California, this is a constant inspiration to my place, full of passion and creativity, which is why Rykiel brought here for a reason. This house was invented by a woman 50 years ago, she invented a cheap evening dresses the way women, freed them, so that they live a modern life. It is very important to me, I continue to create in this way, always push creative boundaries, but considering the functional, even behind the most delicate evening dress.

These 2018 evening dresses are in Rykiel Paris studio, will be displayed in the month of the red carpet and other places, we can’t wait to see!

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