Fashionable face! Melania Trump, 47, is all at the state dinner, the 29 year old communications director, Hope Hicks, stole the show in a chic suit, the first lady with the traditional dress

Forever glamorous Melania Trump faces some serious competitive style shares on Monday, in her husband, 29 year old communications director, Hope Hicks form.

The state banquet held in Tokyo, two women have expressed support for president Donald Trump, the 47 year old first lady chose a very traditional dress, hoping to add some flavor to her, make sure she’s wearing fashionable tuxedo talent shows itself.

Want to have a large black tie is worn around the neck of the event wearing a tailored black suit and traditional white cheap evening dresses, accessories appearance, which is chaired by Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in Tokyo the Akasaka palace, the mark Donald Trump access.

The former employee, who had been in the past in the Trump building and help Ianka Trump grow up, her fashion, wearing her hair in a blowout.

She also added a little color, her monochromatic appearance and smooth, bold pink lipstick, to finish her makeup with smoky eyes.

With the choice of the desired androgynous style, Melania put on bright red, on the short sleeved mop cheap evening dresses.

She was charming with a low number of hairstyles and diamond earrings, finishing her costume with smoky eyes.

President Trump, 71, wore a black suit in his first official visit to Asia, insisting on his own classic, though he switched his trademark red tie into a blue tie.

Both hope and Melania are accompanied by President Trump for 12 days in Asia, which will also see him visiting South Korea, China, Vietnam and Philippines.

Earlier Monday, Melania tried her hand at Japanese calligraphy in a primary school in Tokyo.

She visited the Beijing school building with their Japanese counterparts, Akie Abe. About 300 children welcome them with a school song.

Then, Melania wrote the first letter of “peace word” in Japan, “just like Akie wrote second.”.

After Melania’s first stroke, a girl sat next to her, urging her to hold the brush vertically and interpret the sequence of strokes.

“Is it?” After Melania asked, she turned to her coach. The student nodded his approval with a smile.

The two first ladies, all dressed in blue clothes, cheap evening dresses pictures, shook hands, and school children clap.

The children were shy, but Meilan lowered herself and greeted them, and the crowd got up and tried to hold her hand.

Takefumi Ukitsu, the president of the school, said the school was chosen as a visitor because it chose the United States as part of a research project for the Tokyo 2020 olympics.

On Sunday, the two first ladies heard about the history of cultured pearls at a jewelry store in central Tokyo, while President Trump pursued golf with Prime Minister Abe.

Andouble Akimegumi bowed to the first lady because she came to the Pearl flagship store in the busy shopping district of Ginza in Tokyo. The two first ladies chatted for a while after placing photos in the VIP lounge of the store.

Two pearl divers dressed in traditional white clothing, wearing goggles, holding they used to collect the Pearl Oyster basket, as a shop manager to join them, explains the different types of pearls, and they are collected and assembled to the jewelry.

The first lady visited the store and took pictures with her staff during a short visit. Curling, fashion models sold their own jewelry on QVC TV shopping channel, without buying.

Kokichi Mikimoto, founder of MIKIMOTO, is said to have invented cultured pearls 1893. Ginza shops opened in 1899. The company is the official supplier of the Japanese royal family jewels.

Hundreds of people stared at the store street, and it became a pedestrian on the afternoon of the week. In Ginza and other places, in the vicinity of the ace Hotel, heavily-guarded. A large park opposite the hotel was blocked.

Donald and curling stopped after arriving in Hawaii, Japan, on Sunday. They are scheduled to return to the United States on November 14th.

Traveling to a region where the president wants Asian allies to worry about his introverted “America first” agenda may give up power in China’s important international tests.

They were also rattled by his bellicose remarks about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The North’s cheap evening dresses growing arsenal of missiles threatens the capital, and the trump card will visit.

The visit will also allow President Trump to meet face to face with his respected authoritarian leaders. They include Xi Jinping of China, who has been likened to Trump as a king and Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines, who approved the extrajudicial executions of drug traffickers.

During the Vietnam summit, President Trump also had the opportunity to hold second private meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

His daughter Ivanka visited Japan last week, after his visit and meeting with Prime Minister Abe. She should have traveled with her father, but before he came, he went back to the United States and continued to advocate his tax reforms.

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